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Exploring the Yoast SEO WordPress Plug-In

So in focus this time around is a specific WordPress plug-in known as Yoast SEO and I guess it keeps coming up in the queries to be investigated because it’s normally one of the plug-ins which are suggested by the WordPress platform itself to be installed, or rather suggested by developers of specific WordPress themes. […]

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Using Social Media to Boost Your Visitor Numbers

Many bloggers don’t know this, but advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook in particular is a lot cheaper than you may think. You just have to know how to approach it right and if you do indeed approach it correctly, any social media advertising campaign used to boost your visitor numbers could have […]

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The Truth about Guest Posting

If you’re serious about being a blogger then you will have undoubtedly done quite a bit of research on topics such as how to grow your presence as an authority, part of which is indeed reading this here blog. One of the suggested ways through which to grow your presence as an authority is to […]

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