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Exploring the Yoast SEO WordPress Plug-In

So in focus this time around is a specific WordPress plug-in known as Yoast SEO and I guess it keeps coming up in the queries to be investigated because it’s normally one of the plug-ins which are suggested by the WordPress platform itself to be installed, or rather suggested by developers of specific WordPress themes. So what’s the break-down on Yoast SEO then?

A Search Engine Optimisation plug-in

No prizes for correctly guessing that Yoast SEO is all about Search Engine Optimisation, but any blogger who is interested in optimising their particular site for better search engine ranking points would naturally need details beyond that. So we’re going to walk through these details so that you can make your own decision as to whether or not the plug-in is worth the time and effort and perhaps more importantly if it’s worth buying the premium version.

Individual post-level SEO

So what do you get with the free version of Yoast SEO? You get quite a bit actually, to the tune of post-level search engine optimisation. In other words you get guided through the best practices to employ with each post for which content you create, so while you’re busy creating the content from within your WordPress template dashboard, you will get interactive, real-time prompts which tell you how good the content structure is.

To get into more detail about this, you would experience something like a green tick alongside a very specific message telling you that your title is great in relation to how titles optimised for search engines are, based on the keywords you’re targeting of course. What you’d also get are some on-going warnings (in orange or red font colours) if there are any adjustments you should make to the structure of your post.

Naturally you’d probably want to first come up with the basic structure of the content and then run the Yoast SEO assessment, after which time you can then apply the suggested optimisations and tweaks. It gets really detailed and it’s really quite impressive because you are let in on best practices such as how and where to place certain key phrases or keywords and how many times to include these keywords in relation to the total length of your blog post.

So Yoast SEO is basically an interactive SEO template which makes it easy for you to optimise your content for better search engine rankings.

Full blog/site optimisation

Even if I have to say so myself, this is an example of one of those times when my readers get some real value they probably won’t find anywhere else. The premium version of Yoast SEO is pretty much like being handed a full business plan for a web-based business! Pair Yoast SEO with something like a WordPress template that’s designed to review and sell Amazon products and all you really need to do to make a killing in the very near future is follow all the content guidelines outlined by the Yoast SEO plug-in!

You might even pivot from being a blogger to becoming a full-time Amazon affiliate marketer.