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There are many reasons you may want to get in touch with me at Blog Circle. Maybe you need some one-on-one advice or maybe there’s something you think you can tell me about blogging and writing that you think I should know and share with my followers. Whatever it is you want to talk to me about, you’ve come to the right page to do so. Send me an email at and I’ll be able to get back to you within a couple of days usually, unless I’m out of the country or am otherwise engaged, but don’t worry! I reply to any and all genuine emails. If you fill in the contact form below, it will go straight to my inbox and the same rules apply!

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    Blogging Network

    Over the years, I’ve built relationships with plenty of bloggers and writers. We’re a great and inclusive community that support each other and welcome new lambs into the fold all the time. We often help each other out too by sharing each other’s content and linking to each other’s sites and blogs. Rest assured, if I link to another blog or site here, it has been quality checked and is more than likely someone I know and I am doing them a favour by promoting their content.

    Thanks to my experience in the writing and blogging world, I have the perfect background to advise you and save you time when it comes to being a success in the world of words. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I like to think the results speak for themselves. I’ve not perfected the art of writing and blogging, as it’s an industry and skill that requires constant learning and the ever-changing nature of it means that new advances and developments mean there is always something to do that is new.

    If you come to me with a problem or question that I can’t answer, it’s not unlikely for me to enlist the help of the people within my community to collaborate and work on a solution together. This makes Blog Circle unique as I know the industry and I know people in all sectors who can always help. Think of it as an all-inclusive site that is able to help you with any area of the blogging and writing world.

    Share Your Advice

    If you’re an avid reader of Blog Circle, you’ve probably trawled through the archives and read pretty much everything there is to read (so far!). If you’ve seen every blog post and have spotted something that you think is missing and you have the expertise to fill in the gaps, you’re more than welcome to share your tips and tricks. I try and collate these into a ‘Round-Up’ of user-submitted tricks, especially if a lot of them are short nuggets of information – which is totally fine! I love any and all contributions!

    My aim is to bring together all the best information and hacks for my readers and make Blog Circle the place to go to get all the information you could ever need about starting a blog and being successful while doing it.


    I’ve built this site from the ground up all by myself and I treat it as one of my little babies. However, unlike an actual baby, I can’t dedicate my whole life to just one blog or endeavour. That is why I recently opened up my blog to guest posts and content collaborations. This way, my visitors can get great content regularly and it takes away some of the pressure from me on constantly having to write incredible blogs every week.

    If you’re a blogger looking to spread your knowledge, you should definitely consider submitting your content by getting in touch or reading my contributions page for more information. From there, we can discuss the conditions of posting and whether or not your topic would be suitable for a guest post here on Blog Circle. Bear in mind, this blog is all about being helpful for writers, so quality is a must!

    Get in Touch Now

    If any of the topics above tickle your fancy or you just want to find out more, please send me an email to or fill in the contact form below. I really look forward to checking my emails every day because you all send me such fascinating stuff!

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