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Using Social Media to Boost Your Visitor Numbers

Many bloggers don’t know this, but advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook in particular is a lot cheaper than you may think. You just have to know how to approach it right and if you do indeed approach it correctly, any social media advertising campaign used to boost your visitor numbers could have a serious knock-on effect on the value of your blog, for the better of course.

The value of a blog resides in its readership – a readership you should be able to prove and this is best done with the deployment of a free tool made available by none other than Google. Google Analytics gives you some tools with which to track some important data pertaining to your blog, with some specific parameters of importance to the ability you have to monetise your blog including the likes of how many visitors your blog gets on average, monthly, how long they stay (which indicates that they’re actually reading your content) on each page that they visit, and even where those visitors come from (both in terms of their geographic location and the traffic source, e.g. from Facebook).

Of course there are many more metrics which form part of this free service, but for a blogger who is seeking to make their blog valuable enough to advertisers and sponsors so that they can monetise it, the above-mentioned metrics are the most important of them all. Furthermore, Google’s Analytics service makes for somewhat of a standard medium though which these numbers associated with your blog can be measured, but the beauty of it is that it makes it all very verifiable. You can add a public facing user access account for potential sponsors and advertisers to head on over to Google themselves and verify your visitor and traffic data, or you can simply publish it in the “work with us” or “advertise here” section of your blog.

Now, getting back to how to use social media to boost your visitor numbers, it’s a simple matter of creating a “page” for your blog, furnishing it with all the essential information and including that crucial link to the blog itself. As far as it goes with the content you publish on this page, it has to be valuable “teaser” type content which suggests that readers and followers of your page should click-through to the blog itself in order to get the full picture.

So you could share links (which will likely have a picture and a title) on the page through which the readers can then access the posts you published on your blog.

Links don’t readily reach that many users on social networks such as Facebook however, so you’ll have to “boost” those link posts by paying for them to be boosted as sponsored content. It doesn’t cost a lot of money at all hey. Try it and see for yourself.

The click-through-s you’ll get are very targeted which will do wonders for your blog visitor stats. I’m talking here Google Analytics indicators that report average session times which suggest that the eyeballs hitting your blog posts are actually reading your content.