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Different Ways to Monetise Your Blog

In this particular post I’m not going to go deep into the detail of each of these blog monetisation techniques, but rather just going to introduce them to you if your aim is to start generating some income through your blog. I reckon each of these deserves its very own, complete post and so over the course of growing the content on this particular blog I will explore every last one of these blog monetisation mechanisms in full detail, giving each of them the full attention it deserves.

Publishing sponsored posts

If your blog hits some impressive numbers by way of returning visitors, or indeed if you get unique hits that consistently scale some good heights every month then you can have your blog syndicated on a blogger network. Basically what this means is that you can get paid to publish posts – paid posts which would probably mean that you’d have to feature some marketing material from the sponsor or simply embed a link back to their website.

You can go it alone too and you don’t have to syndicate your blog with a blogger network. You can accept sponsored posts directly from interested parties.

Affiliate marketing

This simply entails embedding links to a vendor through which your readers can buy products or services. Naturally you’d feature links to products and services related to your content and theme of your blog, but yeah, you basically just get commission on all sales completed through your unique affiliate links.

Earn per click adverts

To put it simply this is exactly what the Google AdSense programme is all about. Basically relevant ads are matched to your content, bought through Google by anyone who wants to target your readers or readers interested in the topic or niche you discuss and every time someone clicks on those ads you earn a fraction of what the advertiser paid to Google.

Integrating an e-store

This is what you should be aiming for by way of monetising your blog, but it requires some investment or some technical knowledge. Basically you just run your own e-commerce store which is linked to your blog, which would mean that unlike with earn-per-click adverts and affiliate marketing, you get all the profits from each sale made. Earn-per-click advertising and affiliate links should ideally be used to test which products and services convert and so which of these products and services you should work towards selling via your own integrated e-store.

Selling advertising space

This is as simple as soliciting advertisers to buy some banner ads and the likes on your blog, at a pre-determined or negotiated price of course. It’s not unlike selling billboard space on your blog for a fixed price range, but it’s different to publishing sponsored blog posts.

Hosted search bar

The likes of Google but mostly other search engines which are fighting for market share will pay you to host a search bar on your blog, encouraging your readers to search the internet at large through the use of this search bar.