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Intro to Web Hosting

Most budding bloggers tend to think way too far ahead in their consideration of getting started with their desire to get blogging, citing technicalities such as web hosting as something which they’re totally clueless about. It’s perfectly understandable that all you want to be able to focus on is whipping out your favourite text editor and then just writing up posts to be uploaded to your blog, so you’ll delight in the fact that all these other technicalities aren’t challenging at all to navigate.

Web hosting in particular is a topic which makes many a budding blogger cringe at the thought of what is seemingly a daunting task which lies in wait ahead of them, but there’s really nothing much to it, as you’ll come to learn after reading this post.

Virtual Rent

Think of web hosting as having to pay rent for the “office space” or for the “store” that is your blog. That’s all there is to it – you pay a monthly web hosting fee to gain access to some storage space on a web server along with all the tools you use to run and maintain your blog. That’s why your web hosting service provider lets you in on the likes of a cPanel which you have access to, from which control panel you can complete tasks such as setting up your email addresses amongst many, many others.

So it is indeed a simple matter of having to pay virtual rent – you have to pay a monthly fee for the online environment where your website or blog “lives”.

Web hosting “classes”

As you might have already noticed, there are different classes in which web hosting services come. In other words you pay a different price for different features, but again, this isn’t something that should send you running for the hills to find some sand in which to bury your head. Your web hosting service provider has some direct communication channels opened up to you for a reason and you should use those channels.

Ask them what it means if your bandwidth has run out and why you might need to upgrade to a better class of your web hosting service. Hint: it’s a good thing – it means that the number of visitors to your blog have caused the allocated bandwidth to run out and so you need to upgrade to a better hosting plan…

Other features that come with taking up a better class of web hosting would include things like being able to create more custom email addresses, e.g.,,, etc, getting more storage space for the files which make up your website/blog, and lots more.

Pretty much every web hosting service provider these days offers a one-click installation feature which allows you to install Content Management System software like WordPress and Joomla and then from there you can easily install a template for your blog or website, which then allows you to just write your content and go live with it by publishing it to the web.