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Choosing the Right Images for Your Blog

Most people consider the written content of a blog the most important component, but the images in a blog are just as important. This is because the image is responsible for hooking readers in the first place. Choosing images for your blog is similar to making the best photo books, you want to choose images carefully and incorporate them wisely. People are used to three second sound bites these days, they will quickly glance at your blog and in those three seconds decide whether to navigate away or take a closer look. Your image is the difference between whether someone reads your blog or not, so you may want to keep the following factors in mind.

Check the Basics

Before you start to consider an image, you have to make sure that it is even an option for your blog. Essentially, you need to make sure that the image is good quality and will not appear blurry on different screens. Then you need to make sure that you have permission to use the image and that it is the right size to fit into your blog. While these may seem like small details, they are essential details to consider every time. Your image represents your blog and is the digital artifact that people will share to entice others to read. Thus, you need to make sure that it passes the basic litmus test.

Avoid Generic Images

It is only logical therefore, that you want to avoid generic images and use one that will really speak to your potential readers. The best photo books have images that will astound and captivate you, take a page from their book and choose blog images that are instantly attractive. A good blog image should make you so curious that you instantly want to click on the link. If you don’t think the image is stunning, then no one else will either. While genetic images are easier to find, they are not going to serve you well in the long run. Plus, if people recognize the stock photos they are more likely to just skip over your blog assuming there is nothing new worth reading there.

Keep Your Images Relevant

Finally, since your images represent your blog, you want to make sure that each image you choose is relevant to the text. You also want to make sure you hit all aspects of high quality when posting a photo. Make sure that the photo has a good exposure and that there is not much noise in the photo. While you can use some artistic license, too much will end up being distracting to the reader and likely end up looking much more artificial than you had hoped.