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Annoying Writing Trends to Avoid

Look, when you take a bigger-picture view on how content is consumed online in relation to the suggestions put forth by the likes of Google in ranking websites, you start to realise that everything boils down to providing a great user experience. It’s all about the user and that’s how one should approach any task they complete as part of the process of creating content for their site visitors.

Google is still struggling a bit to come up with an algorithmic way of measuring user experience, but it’s not the kind of struggle which is driven by the lack of ability. It’s merely a struggle of time – they need some time for their new systems to be able to accurately measure user experience and assign the appropriate metrics to that process.

It’s inevitable that they’re going to get it right and when they do you don’t want to be part of the list of publishers whose content sharing platforms fall short of the emerging requirements. So as a blogger you need to get into the habit of just focussing on the user experience instead of trying to fast-track some of those things which are geared more towards ensuring you maximise revenue.

Yes, you’re probably in it for the revenue, but the obviousness thereof will be your downfall, so focus on more on the user experience and in the long run you’ll thank yourself you did.

With that what comes to light are some of the most annoying writing trends you need to avoid as a blogger, even though they are seemingly very hot right now and have those who deploy them without shame seemingly going home with some big revenue takings. The party isn’t going to last forever and the aftermath of all this borrowed enjoyment will have to be paid for to the tune of getting blacklisted, banned or assigned a very low trust-rating. If you’re really struggling with creating content, perhaps you should consider using content creation services to help you avoid any silly mistakes that could risk losing your site.

Avoid click-bait at all costs

The war on click-bait is being fought by too many of the biggest of the web’s giants for it not to be eventually won, so avoid it at all costs. You know what I’m talking about…those “What happens next will shock you” articles and posts which are a total turn-off. These will keep readers away forever and not just turn them away from that specific click-bait article.

No slide-show type lists

Done right you can use slide-show type lists, but only if you have really, really long posts. Otherwise there’s a very fine line between offering the user a better experience by helping them not have to scroll deep down one page that has a 10,000 word article and obviously integrating a slide-show type presentation just so that the ads can load up freshly with each click of the “next” button.

No recursive opt-in pop-ups

Apparently pop-up opt-in forms work wonders for building lists, as much as I don’t personally understand this. So, if you’re going to use these over opt-in forms that are passively integrated, please don’t have them popping up on every single page when the readers are trying to read the content. Once is enough…