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Should I Worry About the 5G Towers Going Up Near Me?

I was wondering what is going on with 5G wireless, and realized that now there are 5G towers around. The 5G towers will have huge antennas. They will cover up some areas with their antennas. For instance, there is a 5G tower near Boulder and all you can see of the tower is the big antennas that cover the areas near the tower. So what is going on?

Did the government just get greedy? It seems that they are going to build out so many different types of wireless networks that there is a limited amount of resources available for 5G, WiMAX, Wi-Fi, and the rest. Are they going to share these resources or is it going to be all about competition? I guess I just don’t know.

Does This Make You Wanna Panic?

All you can see here is the antenna on top. That thing that looks like a small camera that looks a bit like it could be on a drone was in the bottom of the tower. You can see the small cameras all over the tower. The small camera was for the 5G. But what is it doing there?

I couldn’t find any reports about the 5G towers with the antennas all over the place. It seems like there are a ton of them. They seem to cover several large areas around cities. The antennas are all connected to a network that doesn’t seem to use much electricity, so the towers don’t appear to be near any power plants.

I am not sure if these 5G towers are always going to be there or not, but if it is in fact going to go around the country, then there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get a great photo or video. They will also have really big antenna systems with lots of antennas. I am not sure why there is a small camera in this small corner of the 5G tower.

How to Protect Yourself from EMF

EMF is perhaps the biggest worry surrounding 5G technology to be deployed from these ominous-looking towers. And, these antennas are also near the schools in the area. There could be a way to build these towers so that they are shielded and have something near them to protect them.

What about the apple watch radiation you’ve been exposed to, which is likely now going to un on the 5G networks? That’s something which can be sorted out on a personal consumer level with an EMF harmonizer watch band, but what about the radiation on a larger scale?

Those 5G towers are big and will be popping up all over the place. If there is any chance that you are near a 5G tower, and if you are thinking that it might put EMF on your property and/or on your neighbor’s property, then you should get together with your neighbors to see if there is any chance to protect everyone’s property. You could form a neighborhood or city coalition, or you could get some lawyers to look into it, but first, ask yourself, “Should I worry about the 5G towers going up near me?”

Why Did It Take This Long?

If the city and county were going to build the 5G towers, then it is probably a sign that these towers are being put in because they are a requirement for a 5G network. It seems like we are kind of forced into this. All the 5G towers are going to be really big and be all over the place.