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A Complete Guide: How to Start a Personal Blog on WordPress

Blogs are fantastic; WordPress helps to create outstanding blogs. But it is essential to know what to put in the blog and whatnot. These are crucial factors; they help understand the core importance of creating blogs.

People often like reading good content. Creating one is going to help both you and the reader. They get good content to go through, and the site receives user engagement.

Knowing how to create a catchy and good blog is of much relevance. The guide below helps in understanding the step-by-step process of it. It will help make a better blog post.

What is a WordPress blog? 

Talking about it in detail is the handiest way of blogging. The app Word press has all the essential features required to make the blog look attractive and robust.

Themes plugins are the most critical factors. They give the created blogs a new touch and make them audience-friendly.

The more customers, the more popularity the site and blog receive. Word press helps with content management. The technical working hands are so swift and efficient at their work, it will leave you awestruck.

●    Before writing, don’t forget to download the word press software

First, before the actual work gets started, install WordPress. This is going to enhance and help you gain a better experience.

The readers will find it specific and appreciate the writing project with each set of detailed systematic writing. The blog is going to get readers. The more the readers, the more the blog site becomes essential.

To get the App, sign in and start working. The sign-in does not require much work. It is a short process, but the workings seem to be handy and swift with the usage of this App.

Once you let word press renovate the blog after it’s written. Wait and see the results. They are going to be out of imagination. Such features could only be provided by Word Press.

●    After the downloading is done, start creating a folio

This folio will consist of the name of the site. Choose it and keep it as a permanent address for the people to access.

Before all of this, keep in mind to contact a WordPress host. The host is going to allow the word press to work well.

The blog is written must be sustainable and creative. It is going to help the audience to connect well. The folio is the means for them to know more about you. Here Incrementors provide the best on-page SEO techniques

●    The next step will be to upload the written content

Following the first step, download the App creating the folio. The entire setup is ready. All one needs to do now is upload. The content needs to be uploaded for the readers.

The first blog post needs to be very catchy and relevant. The audience coming should fix their attention within just a few seconds. If they can’t improve their focus within the first few seconds.

They are going to turn their ways back. The other sites are going to get customer engagement. 

The word press editor will help create a well-written, error-free document.

●    Let the creativity spread 

Good-looking creative, colorful blogs are the customer’s weak point. They get so engaged looking at it. Before reading the content, the color is examined.

WordPress theme palate helps you paint the content in your likeness. Be it with whatever you wish to fill in. Reading comes once they have seen how the blog is made. This could be used as a plus point.

Don’t mistake the fact that content does not matter if creativity is good. No, both matter; we like beauty with brains as an audience.

The same method works here, a beautiful outlet with excellent content. If these points are fulfilled, no one can stop the site from getting its leads.

Plugins could also be used to add a better texture to the blog. These will make the blog look rich in content and style.

Word press provides all of the themes and plugins. Choose as per wish and let creativity make its way out.

●    Improve other areas for your blog with word press

The word press app has a lot of plugins and themes. Along with these themes, content also requires some improvement.

These are primarily focused on backlinks SEO; the other focused keys come under this category. These will help the blog to have a different look.

With the improvement of these features, your blog gets even better. It gets to the area where it can get as many leads as possible. The site’s popularity is the main thing when it comes to blogging. Content too plays an important role, along with these factors to get along.

You can also consider monetizing your blog by providing paid content to your subscribers. To set up a payment gateway for your WordPress website, you can explore plugins or look for a Paywall service that could be integrated with the website. Such software could also help you to analyze customer behavior and preferences to improve your content in the future.

Overall, the word press themes, plugins, and content help boost service. Which, in return, gives a lot of benefits and advantages to the blog.


A lot of strategies could be used to create a blog. But the most appropriate and well pronounced is the word press.

The best guidelines have been mentioned above. These guides are going to provide the best blogs to people.

Editors to plugins are of the finest quality in this App. Making use of its first-grade features will give one no sense of regret.

These help in giving a better user experience to the audience. Meanwhile, making money becomes an easy option with word press.

Giving the best-written blogs increases customer engagement and experience, along with money. Is this a great kick start to any fresher. If anything gets missed out, learn how to do on-page SEO from Incrementors.

Author Bio

Shiv Gupta is the Founder and Head of Growth at Incrementors. Incrementors is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Agency that helps clients to grow their business online by generating more traffic, leads, and sales. Incrementors specializes in providing customized, tailored online marketing solutions highly specific to the needs of the clients.