Jim Carrey Biography

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September 12, 2014

Jim Carrey is one of the most renowned comedic actors of the contemporary age. He is known for the physicality of his performances and his exaggerated facial expressions. Though he is famous for making people laugh, he has a predilection for playing dark, even deranged characters.

Carrey was born in Newmarket, Ontario in 1962. His dark sensibilities are the result of his difficult childhood, during which he was forced to leave school and get a job to help support his family. His father had given up on his dream of becoming a successful musician so he could have a stable, family-friendly career, and he ended up losing that job. Growing up, Jim would often wonder why his father had not continued to pursue music despite the narrow odds of success; if the Carreys were destined to struggle anyway, there did not seem to have been a need to place so much value on the so-called “normal” career track. Young Jim was determined to make his living as an actor, even if it meant he would have to struggle for the rest of his life.

Carrey’s early stand-up work was not received well on his local comedy circuit. He was plagued with self-doubt but still pushed himself to keep trying. He got his first big break when Rodney Dangerfield spotted him and asked him to be his opening act. He began performing in Los Angeles in 1982 and appeared on The Tonight Show a year later. He auditioned for Saturday Night Live and was not cast, though he did start to get roles in low-brow films. His film work led to him being cast on In Living Color in 1990. This is when he started developing the persona and acting style that would make him a celebrity, both in Canadian entertainment news and abroad.

Carrey gained mainstream recognition in 1994′s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The Mask and Dumb and Dumber hit theaters that same year. He took a dark turn in 1996′s The Cable Guy, and proved the depths of his talent two years later in The Truman Show. Carrey was slowly revealing that he was not just a comedian; he was a true actor who used comedy to make serious statements about the human condition.

Since then, Carrey has alternated between broad comedy and serious roles. He appeared in the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon, and he put his signature spin on the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas a few years after that. 2004′s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is considered a modern classic and is notable for featuring what is arguably Carrey’s first completely serious performance. In 2009, he bravely starred in I Love You Phillip Morris, further proving his commitment to interesting and challenging film work.

Jim Carrey continues to push the boundaries of comedy while exploring his deeper side. His success is evidence of the power of persistence and believing in oneself.


Inspirational Ideas For Raising A Mortgage Deposit

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September 7, 2014
Blue Piggy Bank WIth Coins

If you want to buy a property, you will have to start saving for the deposit early. Of course, there are those who come from a wealthy background whose parents will pay it, but most of us have to find the money ourselves.

Now is a good time to buy a home thanks to the Help To Buy Scheme. It is set up by the government to help people in your situation. Banks and building societies ask for huge deposits now, to minimise their risk when they lend. Not many people can raise twenty-percent of the cost price, and the housing market would slow significantly if those in power did nothing about it. Under Help To Buy, you only need to pay five-percent yourself and the country will forward you the rest. After five years, you must start to repay that money at a low-interest rate. This system encourages people to go online and see details about searching for a home in Salisbury and Shaftesbury.

You still need to find the rest, so here are a few inspirational ideas for raising a mortgage deposit.

Ask Your Parents

The best way by far is to ask your parents for the funds you need. Even if they don’t have the money, they could take out a loan for you. That debt will not show in your financial background when the lender undertakes checks, which is vital. Your parents must state in writing that the cash they give you is a gift that you don’t have to pay back. I know it seems a bit dishonest but many people do it. It is also a cold fact that if your parents pass away you might not have to repay that money; an awful thought but true nonetheless.

Take A Second Job

Could you take on an extra job for a couple of years and put all of that money into your savings? Working extra hours will exhaust you, but keep your eye on the goal. The supermarkets and petrol stations are always on the lookout for staff. You never know, the job may pay more than the one you are in now.

Sell A Heirloom

Did great aunt Bertha leave you a diamond necklace in her will? She would hate to think of it stuck in a draw when it could be put to good use. That heirloom could be worth some or all of the money that you need for a deposit. Whatever the item is, take it to the appropriate expert in the field and get their opinion. It could be the answer to your troubles.

Win Big!

Take what savings you have and triple them in an online casino. Others might frown at this course of action, but if you have a mathematical brain and the confidence to act on your hunches, you could win big. Many people have done it before you and stand as a testament to the benefits of online gambling.

Even if you don’t follow any of my suggestions, I hope they have inspired you to come up with a solution of your own. There are some weird and wacky ways to raise cash. How are you at lap dancing?

Blue Piggy Bank WIth Coins

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June 26, 2014


Water is an important part of our daily life, we use it for cooking, bathing, washing and watering plants. Sometimes we misuse this important natural resource without even being aware. Reduce the amount of water you use daily by opting to take showers rather than baths, brush teeth without running water, take shorter showers and take showers with partners.  Make use of water used in your kitchen to water your garden rather than using water from the tap. Making these changes may seem difficult at first but once you get used to them, your bills will reduce significantly and you will have played your role in conserving the environment.


Summer is a season when people take it easy and celebrate the sun but a lot of shopping is always part of such activities. Each year billions of plastic bags form a significant portion of waste that unfortunately finds its way into our oceans, rivers and other unsuitable areas. They are not biodegradable which means that they become part of the environment and ultimately destroy our natural environment, as we know it. Recycled bags are inexpensive and reduce the risk or destroying our environment.


Hybrid cars are not only fashionable but are the best cars to conserve the environment. They normally contain two engines, one electric and another gasoline. This means that they can drive an average of five miles per gallon, which in the end reduces amount of gasoline barrels consumed on a daily basis. Hybrid cars emit less carbon gases since they use less fuel, they cut costs and conserve the environment. When a hybrid car is not using its gas engine, its motor is almost silent which helps in reducing noise pollution. This summer as you drive to your destination, use a hybrid car to reduce costs and conserve the environment.


Make your summer holiday more fulfilling and worthwhile by volunteering to work in conservation related fields. Volunteering work abroad is a fantastic way to see some of the most unspoilt destinations and interact with the real communities in the world. Volunteering exposes you to fascinating animal species, ecosystems and enlightens you on conservation and research skills. It is an affordable way to see the world and offers credible work experience. You can travel to many destinations in the world as a volunteer including Africa, India, Central and Southern America and Thailand.


Most of the buildings you see today consist of wood in their construction and this means that we have sacrificed millions of trees to build our houses thus depleting natural rainforests. This has led to imbalances in the ecosystems and effects such as global warming. Planting of trees can help reduce the amount of carbon in the air, improve the appearance your home and provide a home for birds and other animals. Planting trees in your home also helps your family understand the value of conservation as each member take part and improve the value of your property.



5 Interesting Ways To Use Paper Bags

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June 12, 2014

We all accumulate hundreds of bags every year from shopping. Plastic bags of course, although bad for the environment, can often be reused several times before they break and in some places you can recycle them. Fabric bags can be used hundreds of times and for all kinds of different purposes besides shopping. But what about the humble paper bag? How can that be put to other uses?

Keeping vegetables fresh

Reusable paper bags are perfect storage containers for onions and garlic, helping them stay nice and fresh without the need to put them in the fridge. They’re also good with mushrooms – the paper absorbs moisture, preventing them from getting slimy, but doesn’t dry them out. A neat solution if you’re planning a risotto in a few days’ time!

Cleaning windows

This is a great trick for eco-friendly cleaning. Simply tear your (clean) paper bags into sheets, apply some white vinegar to them, and have at your glass. You should end up with lovely streak-free windows, and you’re also doing your bit for the environment.

Getting wax out of carpets

If you spill candle wax on a carpet, it can leave an unsightly stain, and like chewing-gum it can also be tricky to remove. When it’s on your clothing you can freeze the wax or gum off, but with a carpet that’s not possible. So what you do is, tear a piece off a paper bag and put it over the wax, then iron over it at a medium to high heat. The wax should attach itself to the paper and problem solved!

Make your own paper

It’s easy and needs very little equipment. First tear up an average-sized bag and mush it up in a blender with two cups of water. Once it’s all squishy, fill a large tub of water and put a wire-mesh screen inside it, just under the water. Pour your paste onto the screen, spreading it evenly and removing any large blobs. Take out the screen, letting any excess water drip away, and place it on a sheet of blotting paper, with another sheet covering the top. Then gently turn it over and tap the screen, so the paste falls onto the second sheet. There you have your paper. Next, take a final piece of blotting paper and put it on top, and use a rolling-pin to squeeze out any remaining water. Now you can leave it overnight, or iron the the top blotting paper to dry it, before writing on it the next day. It’s nice to decorate the paper, perhaps with flower petals or off-colouring – this should be done while the paste is in the water.


You already used them to keep your fruit and veg fresh, but paper bags also compost very well, so when preparing dinner keep one handy for your unused peelings, then chuck it straight on the pile.


Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Motorbike This Year

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April 24, 2014



 If you’ve never owned a motorbike before, you might not realise how truly amazing they are to ride. You see; a lot of people focus on the negative aspects of two-wheel vehicles, and while they are obviously more dangerous, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should be worried. At the end of the day, so long as you drive responsibly and always stay alert, there’s no reason why you should injure yourself on the roads. With this in mind, spend the next few minutes reading through all the points I’ve made below, and you should come away with a better understanding of how fantastic it can be to travel around the country on a real mans machine.

Of course, if you’re not ready for this yet, there’s nothing stopping you from starting a collection of really cool models. Indeed, you can get hold of the Honda Fireblade model online for next to nothing at the moment. Sure, they won’t impress your friends quite as much, but at least you can dribble over them until you’re ready to make a real purchase. Anyway, here are some of the reasons why owning a bike is a good idea.

Motorbikes Are Fast

While they might only reach the same speeds as high-end cars, you’ll feel like you’re traveling so much faster thanks to all the wind resistance. That said; I obviously don’t advise you to break the speed limit at any time, but if you get chance to book a track day or something similar, you will soon see that traveling at over 100mph on a modern motorcycle can be a life changing experience.

Motorbikes Are Great In The Summer

You obviously want to avoid using your motorbike in bad weather if you can help it, and this is why so many people keep them locked away in the garage until the summer months. The great thing about a bike is that you can simply jump on it at the weekends and drive until you get bored. Many drivers in the UK head to places like Matlock Bath where riders from all around the country accumulate.

Motorbikes Are Reasonably Prices

You could spend upwards of £50,000 on a brand new superbike if you really wanted to, but there’s really no need. You see; most bikes don’t get used that much, and so buying second hand doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a worn out old model. Indeed, I personally bought a BMW HP Sport last year for less than half of the original price, and it was in mint condition. After looking at the clock, I knew I had to part with my cash, as it had done less than 2,000 miles. This is not uncommon, so make sure you always look at the used market first.

Well, now we’ve got to the end of this post, you should understand a little more about why owning your own motorcycle is worthwhile. As I said at the beginning, don’t worry too much about the safety issues. What will be, will be.



Clever Ways You Don’t Want To Miss, That Anyone Can Fit An Office Into Their Home Today

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Are you at the end of your tether with the daily commute to your office? Many people are; it is an incredibly stressful experience that is suffered at the worst time of day. In the mornings, people are tired and could do without the hassle, and at the end of the day they are simply exhausted. It is a cruel twist of fate that the more jobs there are for people, the harder it is to get to them.

Maybe it is time to consider cutting the hours at the office and working more from home. Many people have made this change successfully and are living a happier lifestyle because of it. You can do it too. There may be a few obstacles to overcome, but it is well worth the effort. A stumbling block that most people come across is where to put a workstation at home? Space may be limited, but by being creative, the problem can be solved.

Let’s take a look at places around the home where an office can be squeezed in.

  • The loft. Have you ever been up there? The chances are that, if you are in an older property, there is a massive space waiting to be used. Upo there you will be able to install a complete office including filing cabinets, and a sofa from Multiyork, or another trusted retailer. The loft space will need to be insulated, boarded out, and have power and a telephone line installed. If you are lucky enough to have a large loft, there is no excuse to prevent you achieving your dream.

  • Under the stairs. Often there is a cupboard under the stairs that is full of junk. This is a useable space that is ideal for a one person office. A phone line can be installed and a computer desk to get you up and running in no time at all.

  • Spare room. If you have a spare room, I need not say more.

  • Landing. The landing is an awkward space that is often underused. There could be room for your desk up there as well as a comfy armchair to relax in during breaks.

Sometimes it is necessary to change the way your business is organised to make homeworking possible. Luckily there is a solution. Use the cloud wherever possible. If much of the work is based in the ether, very little equipment is needed at home, maybe only a laptop. Files can be accessed from anywhere, so they do not need to be stored or physically moved around. This obviously has massive implications for your home office. If all that is needed is a printer and a laptop computer, the issue of space no longer rears its ugly head.

Making the change to homeworking may be a little complicated until the system is in place, and a routine is figured out. Often, the benefits are so great that the entire staff of the office will make the move too. Employers are happy with the massive savings that are made by reducing the size of premises, or even doing away with them altogether.

The idea of working from home is compelling. Do you think it is a possible solution for you? You won’t be sorry you took the leap.



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Never Run Out of Blogging Ideas Again: Tricks of the Trade

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April 13, 2014

Bloggers can sometimes struggle with coming up with fresh, new content; especially when they do this job day in, day out. You need to know how to constantly come up with content that your readers will resonate with, as well as make it unique, helpful, interesting, and engaging. It can be an awfully tough task, but the benefits of blogging make the whole process worth it! The goal of this post is to make sure you don’t run out of ideas ever again with some awesome tricks of the blogging trade. Let’s get started!

Look to Other Bloggers for Inspiration

If you’re a blogger, you probably read at least a few other blogs. Think about what makes you return to these blogs time and time again. How can you make the experience as enjoyable for your readers as it is for you? I don’t condone copying by any means, but you could take inspiration from their tone, sense of humour, or simply the way they give you easily digestible information. Try to put a new spin on some of their titles/blogs!

Social Media

By simply taking a quick look at the top social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’ll see what people are talking about and be able to talk about that kind of thing in your posts. Make sure you strike while the iron is hot in order to write some quality posts that will get people talking.

Take a Look at Your Old Posts

Take a look at your analytics to see the posts you wrote that did really well and work out how you could revisit them. It’s great, because you know your readers are definitely interested in these ideas. Think of how you can update and repackage posts to create fresh content.

Ask Your Readers

Why not ask your readers what they’d like to see more of on your blog? You should get a great response and a good idea of what people are interested in.


Get yourself a nice hot cup of tea and find a comfortable place to sit down. Bring your laptop, a noticeboard, or simply a notepad and pen. For a quality noticeboard you can write your ideas down on and always be inspired, click here. Write down all of the ideas that pop into your head, even if they seem silly, small, or irrelevant – they might become relevant one day! You’re guaranteed to come up with at least a few great ideas that you can make great blog posts from.

Take a Look at Your Comments Section

Have a good look at your comments section and make note of the kinds of stories your readers share with you, as well as the kinds of questions they ask. Do their comments make you think of your post in a way you can expand upon it!

These tips will ensure you’re always producing unique, fresh, humorous, helpful content. Blogging can really help to get you known as an expert in your industry, and even help brand recognition for a business, so don’t forget to utilise this amazing marketing channel!


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Convert Your Loft Into a Home Cinema in 2014

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Most people, unless they are very wealthy, find themselves short of space at some point. Maybe it is because their family is growing, or it could be that they allow a lot of clutter through the doors. Whatever the reason, they are left scratching their heads for a solution. An extension of some kind seems the most likely choice, but it is very expensive. A conservatory is a relatively inexpensive upgrade but is limited to its uses.

If you are looking for the room to build your own home cinema, the loft could be a solution for you. Since a cinema needs to be in darkness most of the time, there is no need to install windows in the loft, which could potentially save you thousands of pounds. Imagine being able to watch movies on a massive screen as they are meant to be enjoyed. Soundtracks that make your tummy rumble when the action starts. It sounds very enticing, but how would someone go about transforming the loft into a home cinema? Read on. For this upgrade, there is no need to apply for planning permission since the finished job will not be a habitable room. That makes the conversion so much easier.


The soundtracks to the movies you are streaming from the Eros movies site or another site online, will be very loud in your cinema, and you need it to be confined there. Loft insulation will partially do the job. Before laying any floorboards, make sure there is adequate insulation between the joists. Don’t pack it in too tightly or it will loose some of the insulating and noise cancelling properties. Just enough so it sits comfortably in the gap.

Insulation panels will need to be cut and wedged in between the roof beams too. This form of insulation comes in sheets that are easily cut to size using a handsaw. Make sure the underside of the roof is completely insulated.


Socket outlets will need to be installed so the equipment can be plugged in. The electrician needs to install the wiring before any boards are installed. The home cinema speakers will need wires installed for them also. A light is going to be needed in the loft for changing movies and intermissions.

Boarding Out

Packs of loft boarding sheets are available in DIY stores, and these are perfect for the flooring. The underside of the roof can be boarded with hardboard or plasterboard, whatever is your preferred choice.

Once the loft is boarded out, put a thick carpet down on the floor to help absorb sound. For the walls, use soundproofing foam that is designed specifically for the job. You will have seen it before on television programs; it is the stuff that looks like thousands of tiny pyramids. It comes in sheets and can be found with an internet search.


I hope your loft hatch is big enough to get some appropriate seating through; Preferably a sofa. When those movies are playing you need to be comfortable.

Now the loft is ready to receive your high tech cinema equipment. You may find that, now your entertainment room is complete, you will notice your friends drop by a little more often than they used to. It is fun to watch movies together though.

How you can Find a Fun Hobby

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April 9, 2014

Having a hobby can give you something fun to do in your spare time, as well as give you something interesting to talk about with other people. You also get the opportunity to meet similar people with similar interests to you, so that’s a great bonus! By learning something new, you help to keep your mind alert and active, as well as maintain a long term interest in something that fascinates you. Why waste your free time surfing Facebook and watching TV when you could have a cool hobby?

What Interests You?

This might be a hobby that you always wished you could explore, but you felt you never had the time or money to pursue your interests. Ask yourself some questions to help you find a fun hobby:

  • What would I do all day if I had the whole day free?

  • Why do I love doing certain things?

  • Will I enjoy this activity?

  • Is it worth spending my time on this activity?

  • What would I do for a living if money wasn’t an issue?

Consider all Kinds of Hobbies

You should keep an open mind and consider all kinds of hobbies in order to find a fun one to settle on. Take a look at the walls of the post office and decide whether you’d like to begin stamp collecting, for example. Consider any other items you might want to collect, like coins, dolls, chocolate wrappers, or dinky cars. How will you get your hands on your collectables? Where will you display your collectables? Displaying your collectables can be important as this can make your collection all the more valuable. You may also like to show it at certain local events. You don’t have to stick to collecting though!

Discover Art

Art can be a wonderful hobby, and there’s nothing stopping you from creating a masterpiece like those on the walls of the Tate Modern. Gather together some oils, acrylics, and watercolours, or even try coloured pencils. If you want to get better, you could even take classes – but there are no rules when it comes to art.

Write Novels and Stories

There are certain writing challenges online and in magazines that you can get involved with to flex your writing skills. With practice you’ll develop new skills and get better, who knows – you could be the next Neil Gaiman!

Play Sport

Sport is a great hobby as you can get fit as you enjoy yourself. It’s also great for our wellbeing and socialising! There are many different sports to choose from; football, basketball, rugby, and cricket to name a few.

There are many more hobbies you could try out – you’re only limited to your imagination. Whatever hobby you choose, make sure you have enough time, money, and whatever else you need to keep it going (although we don’t recommend sacrificing valuable family time. Why not try it together as a family?).

Hobbies are perfect for those who want to broaden their horizons and become a more interesting, knowledgeable person – so get going!



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How to choose the right office furniture

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March 26, 2014

Whether you run your own business from home, or you manage an office for a much bigger company, the time usually comes when you need to order new office furniture. The choices available of modern office furniture are so many and varied that it’s a good idea to have a few restrictions before you start looking, otherwise who knows what fantastical furniture you could end up buying!


Restrict your budget

Throwing your entire budget at your office furniture may not be good for the near future. If you set a certain amount for the project, list the essential items, and stick to both list and budget, happiness will surely be yours. Better still, looking at furniture that can be used for more than one thing will give you more for your money.

How will it be used?

Multifunctional equipment doesn’t have to mean an all-singing-all-dancing photocopier-scanner-coffee-maker. It can be as simple and space-saving as a desk that contains a small, lockable filing cabinet, or one that conveniently extends to enable the office to be converted into a board room when needed.

Space, the not-so-final frontier

How much space you have really does dictate how much furniture you can have. Getting the measurements right can be tricky, and translating those into a catalogue of furniture is even harder. Scale drawing may seem like a ridiculous amount of effort for the sake of getting the right furniture, but they can be extremely useful, especially if you and your co-workers have a tiny office to play in. Additionally, estimating the space correctly will save having to send everything back later.

Get it right, now

Nobody really knows for sure where they or their business will be in a few years, but keeping the future in mind when you order your furniture gives you a slightly longer rein. For example, buying quality desks made from solid wood, and good ergonomically-designed chairs will save you money in the long term because you won’t have to replace them every couple of years.

Choose a theme, and stick with it

Themed furniture can encourage productivity amongst the people who work there, so bright colours with funky designs are great for bohemian or creative companies. Utilitarian furniture doesn’t have to be ugly, and can come with space-age style or be traditionalist and wooden. On the other hand, if it’s only you who uses the office, you can style it according to whatever you like, provided it does the jobs you need. It’s worth remembering, however, the very nature of ‘trend’ is inclined to change, so the designer pods or pebble-shaped breakout stools that look cool this year may not be so rad in two years time.

Get comfy, it’s going to be a long one

One of the most crucial aspects, certainly when choosing seating, is one of comfort. If you can’t spend around 8 hours a day in your chair because it makes your back ache, or if it’s a kneeling chair that causes your knees to crack and your hips to feel wonky, it doesn’t matter how cool it looks, the choice will be a bad one.

All in all, if you can take into consideration any number of these ideas, it should enable you to restrict your choices adequately to make a few excellent, long-lasting decisions on office furniture.

Author Bio – Sakina Murdock writes professionally about aspects of interior design, and is a regular contributor to and researcher on websites such as http://www.calibre-furniture.co.uk

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